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Friday, October 14

A beautiful and majestic country

Many years ago, in a land far to the north, there were these these three trappers who were camped out one evening. As they sat around the fire, they couldn't help but be awed by the vastness and majesty of the country they had been travelling through. One looks at the other two and says. "So, eh, this is quite a majestic and beautiful country, eh."

The second trapper, Pierre, speaks up, "Darn sure, eh. Maybe we ought to name it, eh?"

The third one, Louis, replies, "Not a bad idea, eh. So what should we call it, eh?"

The three sit for a while and ponder several ideas, but are just not satisfied with the suggestions. The first trapper, Michael, then stands up and says, I know, eh, just say the first letter that pops into your head and we will put them together. Pierre, you go first, eh."

Pierre stands up and says "C, eh."

Louis stands up next and and says "N, eh."

Then Michael looks at both of them and says "D, eh."

For another tongue-in-cheek (but possibly true!) take on how Canada got its name, see Heritage Minutes. Do play the video!


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