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Saturday, October 29

How many Form critics does it take to change a lightbulb?

  • Unfortunately, I cannot get them to act. I show them the Maintenance Request Form, from the tenant, requesting the change, but they dismiss it as being a 'pious fraud' created by big and powerful lightbulb companies who think bulbs should be replaced BEFORE they burn out ...
  • I still cannot get them to take the Request Form seriously! This time they decided that it could not be authentic since the request had come from the new apartment 10A and there were no prior incidences of this at all. They concluded that someone must have borrowed the form from some OTHER apartment, and simply put the request "on the lips of the tenant in 10A" ...
  • I still cannot get them to act! This time they dismissed the darkness as a 'late apocalyptic image' that obviously was being appropriated to describe something much less severe, like indigestion or something.
  • I still cannot get them to act! This time they said that there PROBABLY had been some flicker in a bulb somewhere (or maybe a diming of light from a cloud passing overhead), but that the oral tradition behind the Maintenance Request Form had developed so freely that it was now historically impossible to find the actual apartment in which the problem PERHAPS showed up, and that we could not even be sure that it had occurred in THIS landlord's tenure.
  • I still cannot get them to take the Maintenance Request Form seriously! This time they detected a 'contradiction' that was a sure sign of inauthenticity. They summarily dismissed the Form with the remark that "If the light bulb had been burned out, the tenant would not have been able to see to fill out the Form, silly! And arguing that they went into another room would be 'special pleading' or 'harmonisation' of the most tendentious nature!" ... go figure ...


Blogger leah sophia said...

absolutely love it, thanks! actually, that sounds exactly the way I've been known to talk when dealing with (teaching?!) the plenary inspirationists in our, sarcastic? never, ever!

11:11 PM  

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