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Saturday, November 5

A measure of intelligence

Four travellers in a small airplane heard the single engine begin to cough and sputter .... and die -- and only then discovered that there were only three parachutes on board. [We assume the crew has already escaped safely.]

The first did some fast thinking. "Look, guys, I am a world-class brain surgeon. I have four life-or-death operations to perform next week alone. The loss of my talents would be a blow to the entire human race!" He waited just long enough for the others to agree -- well, it certainly sounded like agreement, although it might have been a cough -- before quickly strapping on a parachute and jumping out.

The second was only half a breath behind: "Listen, I am a member of Mensa, Intertel, and Triple Nine. I have the highest IQ in the world. It would be unfair to allow humanity to lose the priceless resource of my brain power." And telepathy must have been one of his talents, because he did not need to wait even to hear agreement spoken aloud before strapping on a pack and jumping out.

The third, an older man, looked at the Boy Scout who remained. "Look, son, you might as well take the last parachute and save yourself."

But the Boy Scout looked surprised: "But we still have two parachutes left. That last man who jumped out took my knapsack."


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