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Monday, November 28

What you will learn in Engineering

1. There are no trains here.

2. You can study hard and still fail.

3. You can not study and pass.

4. Multiple choice does not mean easy.

5. Six exams can be written in 4 days, but it hurts.

6. You can skip all the classes, study for 15 minutes before the final, and still do better than an arts student in any arts class.

7. Pi to six decimal places.

8. Judging by fellow students, engineers are either drunks or geeks.

9. Everyone is someone else's wierdo.

10. Front-row people are weird.

11. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

12. A 95.75% can be an A.

13. An 80.1% can be an A+.

14. You can kill your neighbors with a 9-volt battery.


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