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Life is getting much too serious, yes? Who doesn't need a daily smile?

Monday, December 5


Three businessmen took a small plane to the wilderness in northern Canada to hunt moose over the weekend. The last thing the pilot told them was, "Remember, this is a very small plane and you will only be able to bring ONE moose back."

But of course, they each killed a moose and returned to the plane with three moose. The pilot reminds them that he had told them to bring only one moose. "That is what you told us last year," allow the hunters, "but for an additional $1000 you let us bring three moose. Here, take the $1000." Finally the pilot agrees, and lets them bring all three moose on board.

Just after takeoff, the plane stalls and crashes. Slowly one of the men comes to. He looks around blearily: "Where the hell are we?"

"Oh," answers the pilot, "just about a hundred yards east of the place where we crashed last year."


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