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Wednesday, January 11

You know you are addicted to World of Warcraft when:

1. You feel a strange apathy toward death, knowing the nearest graveyard is not THAT far away.
2. Every so often, you start to strongly feel you need to re-buff yourself, or worse, you actually try.
3. You expect your spirit and stamina to increase temporarily after lunch.
4. When someone tells you they are wearing all blue or purple, you don't in the least associate it with the visual color of their garments.
5. In moments of boredom, you dance. And you have it memorised.
6. You would feel ruder making your group wait in the middle of an instance than you do not picking up that phone call from your mother.
7. You feel naked without Power Word:Fortitude, Mark of the Wild, or Blessing of Might.
8. You actually use "Elune be praised!" or "For the Horde!" in regular conversation.
9. The sentence "60 lock LFG UBRS, LBRS or Scholo, PST" makes perfect sense to you, and is grammatically correct.
10. You can immediately spot CGFs in the Ironforge trade channel and regularly make fun of them.
11. You get cravings for Alterac Swiss or Morning Glory Dew.
12. You have tried to figure out your RL pet's DPS -- or worse, your own.
13. You find yourself thinking in terms of aggro circles when walking or driving around other people.
14. Your first reaction to losing money in a vending machine is "contact a GM".
15. You feel the urge to attack anyone wearing a red bandanna, which is obviously a quest item.
16. Your finger twitches madly for the "M" button when you lose your bearings.
17. Nothing on your Christmas wishlist actually exists IRL.
18. Purely out of habit, you promptly type "grats" after the microwave goes "ding".
19. You start thinking something is wrong when you drive several miles and don't see a single skill node, chest, or quest turn-in show up.
20. You are starting to think that orcs and trolls are sexy.

Thanks, Seyrah!


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