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Thursday, January 26

You might be an amateur astronomer if ...

  • You think that not getting enough sleep at night is a good thing.
  • You ask your optometrist about the availability of H-Alpha Sunglasses.
  • You centre your vacation time around the New Moon.
  • You don't buy a house until you have had a chance to see how dark the neighbourhood gets at night.
  • You build your dream home with a roll-off roof (or optionally, a rotating dome roof).
  • All the night lights in your house are red.
  • Somebody asks you where you live and you tell him the latitude and longitude of your house.
  • Somebody asks where your town is and you pull out a map and show him how to "starhop" from town to town to find it.
  • You have named your kids and pets after stars or constellations.
  • A pair of binoculars and a small refractor are always in your trunk, just in case.
  • Your neighbourhood seems to always have more than its share of non-functioning streetlights and porchlights.
  • You can hand-draw your own star charts down to the 7th magnitude -- from memory!
  • When you take a new vehicle for a test drive, the first thing you do is run by home to see whether your telescope will fit in the trunk.
  • During droughts, farmers in your area collect donations to allow you to buy more telescope equipment (to make it rain).
  • You spend more money per year at your favorite optics store than you do at Wal-Mart.
  • You plant and trim hedges (especially evergreens) and erect yard art to block nearby lights.
  • Your friends and colleagues tell just you about the beautiful sky they saw the other night.
  • You have a propensity for buying toys that glow in the dark.
  • You rewire your house to 12VDC so that it is compatible.
  • Your spouse complains about always having to turn the brightness up on the monitor in the morning.


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