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Sunday, February 12

What money might say

A $20 dollar bill and a $1 dollar bill are hanging together on the conveyor belt at the downtown Federal Reserve building, just chatting and picking up on old times. "Hey man," says the $1 bill, "where you been hangin'? I ain't seen you in a long time."

Replies the $20 dollar bill: "Have I been having a ball! I have been travelling to distant countries, going to the finest restaurants, to the biggest and best casinos, boutiques, the mall uptown, the mall downtown, the mall across town, and even a mall that I just newly helped build. Just this week alone I have been to Asia, a professional NBA game, Rodeo Drive, Buckingham Palace, the all-day retreat spa, the top-notch hair salon and the new casino. I have done it all!"

"Wow," says the $1 dollar bill. "I ain't ever been outside the country."

"But you must have seen places?"

"Well," says the $1 dollar bill slowly, "I been to the Baptist church, the Methodist church, the Presbterian church, the Episcopalian church, the Church of God in Christ, the Catholic church, the Mormon church, the A.M.E. church, the Disciple of Christ church, the ..."

"Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!" shouts the $20 dollar bill to the $1 dollar bill. "What is a church?


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