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Wednesday, February 8

You just might be a workaholic if ...

- Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
  • If it frustrates you that they don't allow laptops on a Ferris wheel
  • If you are looking forward to Christmas this year because you can decide to take that afternoon off
  • If you don't drink any beverages during the day because you will lose time having to go to the bathroom
  • If a Pay-Per-View movie is your idea of a vacation
  • If twenty minutes is too long for a lunch "hour"
  • If hobbies are something you will get into when you "get the time"
  • If the only time you have had off in the last three years was to attend your favorite uncle's funeral
  • If you wish you were so stressed but know that you will feel better as soon as you "get over the hump"
  • If the color of one side of your golf bag has faded and is different from the other side of the bag
  • If you promised your spouse "this is the only Sunday I will work" more than three times in the last year
  • If you bring your spreadsheets to your son's football game
  • If you sense that the smiles from those around you are somewhat synthetic
  • If you have told yourself, "I can cut back of my hours anytime, if I wanted to" more than three times in the last six months
  • If you use your cellphone in the shower to return business calls in the morning before work
  • If you don't have a tan by July 15 each year
  • If it is difficult to remember the last time you heard background music at a restaurant
  • If you set your alarm for 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. so you can check your voicemail
  • If it bothers you that you are always at work before and after everyone else
  • If you can't name your daughter's favorite rock band
  • If elderly people tend to make you impatient
  • If people at cocktail parties seem to want to leave your conversation and "get another glass of wine" just when you were really getting into telling them about your job
  • If you think the WOSCOTCH Trial is an incredible waste of time
  • If it has been a while since you felt guilty about missing yet another family dinner
  • If you carry family pictures in your wallet only to remind you what they look like
  • If you are drinking your coffee in a dirty cup from yesterday
  • If you have not gone home early in the last six months
  • If your idea of an intimate anniversary celebration is to take your spouse to a formal business dinner
  • If a clown is not so funny, an owl is not so wise, and you think that Peter Pan cannot really fly
  • If the last outrageous thing you did was over ten years ago
  • If a three-year-old girl holding a fluffy bunny under her arm doesn't cause you to stop and watch
  • If the closest thing you get to time off is to read this blog.


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Some funny; some thought provoking.

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