Smile of the Day

Life is getting much too serious, yes? Who doesn't need a daily smile?

Thursday, March 2


A front end clerk in a pharmacy has just been admonished by the owner for missing too many sales. "I am sorry," says the boss unapologetically, "but one more missed sale and you are fired."

So the next customer that comes in has a terrible cough and asks the clerk for help. Unable to recall where the cough remedies are, the nervous clerk points to a box of Ex-Lax, a popular laxative: "Here, buy this, then go over to our cooler and take all of it with plenty of water."

The customer thanks him and obliges. Finishing his last glass of water, the customer exits the pharmacy. Once outside he suddenly stops. Then he takes a few faltering steps, and then quickly hugs and then clings desperately to a telephone pole. The boss, having witnessed the entire scene, approaches the clerk and asks him what he had recommended. "Ex-Lax," responds the clerk hesitantly.

"Ex-Lax!" yells the boss. "That won't help a cough!"

"Sure it will," says the clerk. "Look ... he is afraid to cough."


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