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Saturday, March 11

Loan of a telescope

An actual exchange, on an amateur astronomy mailing list.

The initial post:

Ok, let me try to get this right, so please bear with me. I lent my telescope to a friend six weeks ago. After not hearing from the friend for a long time, I decided to call and ask when I was getting the scope back. Now this friend said he let someone borrow it. I called that person. That person said he also lent it to someone, but he doesn't know if that other person knows that he knows he has it. So, the bottom line is that I don't know if my friend knows whether or not his friend's friend knows that he knows whether or not he still has the telescope as I haven't been able to contact them. What to do?

First follow-up reply:

Same thing you do when you lend a hammer, a book, a car, etc ... Tell first friend you need it back and have him do all the work. The first rule is not to "lend" things you aren't willing to lose.

Second follow-up reply:

Call Oprah and tell her what you did, get paid enough to buy a new telescope. Then, hopefully, you've learned a hard lesson and don't let your NEXT telescope to your friends. Run for a political position and become the next president, you've got great potential.

Third follow-up reply:

Get some new friends.

Fourth follow-up reply:

Kiss it good-bye, most likely it is sitting in a 2nd hand store someplace where they sold it for dope.

Fifth follow-up reply:

As long as people like you keep breeding, we will never run out of suckers.

Sixth follow-up reply:

Scoot, when you get that 31mm Nagler, I would like to borrow it from you.


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