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Friday, March 10

Solving a problem

An engineer, a chemist and a mathematician are staying in three adjoining cabins at an old motel when the engineer's coffeemaker suddenly catches fire. He smells the smoke, wakes up, unplugs it, throws it out the window, and goes back to sleep.

Later that night the chemist smells smoke too. He wakes up and sees that a cigarette butt has set the trash can on fire. He says to himself, "Hmm. How does one put out a fire? One can reduce the temperature of the fuel below the flash point, isolate the burning material from oxygen, or both. This could be accomplished by applying water." So he picks up the trash can, puts it in the shower stall, turns on the water, and, when the fire is out, goes back to sleep.

The mathematician, of course, has been watching all this through the window. So later, when he finds that his pipe ashes have set the bedsheet on fire, he is not in the least taken aback. He says: "Aha! A solution exists!" and goes back to sleep.


Blogger Ovary Punch said...

Not to be rude, but that was so fucking lame.

7:06 AM  
Blogger Tenebris said...

Quite possibly. I make no claims to exceptionality. Still, if I am not up to your standards: why did you specifically seek this blog out? (You didn't find it by accident.) Surely you have better things to do with your time than to read lame jokes? ... perhaps even to come up with better ones? and thus draw people to your own blog?

4:45 PM  

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