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Monday, March 27

Take as prescribed

A husband and wife begin asking their local pharmacist some very pointed questions, such as whether the pharmacy checked for medications past their expiry date, and just how reliable the company behind a particular brand of birth control pills was. Uneasy, the pharmacist finally asks the reason behind the questions. The wife explains: "Despite the birth control pills, I keep getting pregnant."

The pharmacist sees the point, but first decides to weed out a few possibilities, such as whether the woman had been taking antibiotics recently without any backup contraception, etc. etc. He begins with the obvious one: does she take them every day?

"My husband takes them every day," she replies.

"Ah -- what?"

"Yes, after we read about all those potential side effects, my husband said to me, 'Ah, honey ... I don't want you taking that stuff. It is too dangerous. Let me take them.' "


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