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Life is getting much too serious, yes? Who doesn't need a daily smile?

Wednesday, April 26


A bunch of Polish scientists decided to flee their country by hijacking an airliner and forcing the pilot to fly them to a neutral country. They drove to the airport, forced their way on board a large passenger jet, but found there was no pilot on board. Terrified, they listened as the sirens got louder. Finally, one of the scientists suggested that since he was an experimentalist, he would try to fly the aircraft.

He sat down at the controls and tried to figure them out. The sirens got louder and louder. Armed men surrounded the jet. The would-be pilot's friends cried out, "Please, please take off now! Hurry!!"

The experimentalist calmly replied, "Have patience. I am just a simple pole in a complex plane."


Blogger Rumour said...

smiles are overrated when i want to make people feel comfortable i just moonwalk for them....

10:58 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

That's a math joke, right? I don't get it. :(

3:23 PM  

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