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Tuesday, April 18

Icing on the cake

It was yet another school fundraiser, this time a bake sale, and at the last minute Dorothy had remembered that she was responsible for a cake. She throws together the ingredients quickly and bakes it: but when she takes it from the oven, the centre falls flat. There is no time to bake another cake, so she quickly looks around the house for something to build up and disguise the centre of the cake. She is running out of time, the only thing she can find that will fit is a roll of toilet paper. Quickly she plunks it in and covers it in icing; and the finished product does look beautiful. "Oh well," she thinks, "if I tell my daughter to be at the bake sale at the moment it opens and buy that cake herself and bring it home, no harm done."

But when the daughter arrived at the bake sale, the attractive cake had already been sold.

The next day, Dorothy is invited to the PTA's [Parent-Teacher Association] president's house for lunch and policy discussions and maybe a game of bridge; and wouldn't you know it, the cake in question is presented for dessert. Dorothy goes pale, she starts to get out of her chair to rush into the kitchen to warn the woman; but before she can say a single word, one of the other guests gushes: "What a beautiful cake!"

"Thank you," says the hostess, as Dorothy sinks back into her chair. "I baked it myself."


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