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Saturday, April 22

Proof Absolut

A man and a woman are involved in a car accident. It is a bad one, both of their cars are utterly demolished. Utter disbelief and amazement from both: for neither one of them is even scratched. "This must be some kind of sign," says the woman.

"An utter miracle," agrees the man.

"And look," says she, "another miracle. My car is destroyed, but this bottle of wine survived intact. Surely we are meant to celebrate." And she opens the bottle with the Swiss Army knife in her purse and passes it to him.

He nods -- doesn't need to be asked twice! -- and drinks half the bottle before handing it back to her; but she re-corks it and gives it back to him. He frowns: "Aren't you having any?"

"No," she says. "I think I will just wait for the police."


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