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Monday, April 17

Things women don't understand about men

Adapted from the taming...
  • Gathering tons of reading material before heading to the bathroom.
  • Belching.
  • Not remembering any of his friends' birthdays, oh, and your friends' too.
  • The air guitar.
  • Ebay shopping.
  • Towel snapping.
  • Asking a a girl for her telephone number or email address, and then contacting her either 3 times in the next 24 hours or never again.
  • Gadgets.
  • Drinking milk out of the carton.
  • The wet-towel-on-the-bed trick.
  • Spending no more than a minute on any phone call.
  • Failure to refill the ice tray, replace an empty toilet paper roll, or put the toilet seat down.
  • Telling the same stories over and over and over again.
  • Failure to ask for directions
  • Last-minute shopping.
  • Digging for that toy in his cereal box.
  • Buying playboy and fhm ... for the "articles".
  • The excitement upon seeing the Victoria's Secret catalogue, tied in with their obsession with very skimpy and very uncomfortable underwear.
  • Having to buy a new tool for even the simplest of projects, oh like, say, changing a lightbulb in the garage.
  • Power tools. There may be only one tree in the backyard, but that is enough reason to purchase the high-end chainsaw with all the accessories.
  • After living in a house the same amount of time as his wife, still having no idea where they keep the everyday [insert item of choice].
  • Assuming that a hug means a woman wants to have sex.
  • Flicking the channel on the TV like there is no tomorrow.


Blogger the shrewness said...

OMG! i feel so honored! i like what youve added to the list!

the channel flicking is my favorite, i think!

2:19 AM  

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