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Friday, May 19

In the prime of life

The lawyer died suddenly at the age of 45. When he gets to the gates of Heaven, the angel standing there comments, "We have been waiting so long for you to get here!"

"What do you mean?" he asks. "I'm only 45, in the prime of my life. Why did I have to die now?"

"45? No, you are not 45, you are 82."

"Wait a minute. If you think I am 82 then you have the wrong guy. I am only 45. I can show you my birth certificate."

"Hold on. Let me go check," says the angel and disappears inside. After a few minutes she returns: "Sorry, but by our records you are 82. I checked all the hours you have billed your clients, and you have to be 82 ..."


Blogger Alyssa said...


I needed that today :)

9:32 PM  
Blogger Ramzan Sultani said...


4:09 PM  
Blogger champagneandteacups said...

funniest thing I've seen in a long time :)

2:43 AM  

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