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Sunday, June 18

Help needed

- from a thread on an amateur astronomy board

Best way to remove annoying Earth?


Help required in removing the Earth.
I'd like to do some Southern Sky observations for a change.
I'd value any helpful suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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Best way to remove annoying galaxy?

There appears to be a large galaxy that is obstructing my view of a significant portion of the sky. I know that it's nice for galaxies to be big and close so that those with cheap telescopes can see them but this one rather overdoes it -- I can't fit the whole thing in the field of view no matter what eyepiece I use!

What is the best way to remove this obstruction? Please don't tell me to move my telescope; I moved it several hundred feet and saw no change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice

4:48 PM  
Blogger SpongebobTanu said...

HEHEHEHEH! i've always wanted to get into astronomy but now that i know there are such annoying things that get in the way...

8:54 PM  

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