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Saturday, June 3

It is always the quiet ones

A quiet little man was brought before a judge. The judge looked down at the man, and then at the charges, and then down at the little man in astonishment: "Can you tell me in your own words what happened?"

"I am a mathematical logician dealing in the nature of proof," says the man quietly.

"Yes, yes," says the judge, "go on."

"Well, I was at the library and I found the books I wanted and went to take them out. They told me my library card had expired and I had to get a new one. So I went to the registration office and got in another line, and filled out my forms for another card. Then I got back in another line for my card."


"And the man at the counter asked 'Can you prove you are from New York City?' ... So I stabbed him."


Anonymous past said...


Love those New Yorkers!

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