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Friday, June 30

Return on investment

A man owned a small, 9800 acre ranch in Alberta. The Labour Relations Board sent an agent out to interview him as a result of a complaint that he was not paying proper wages to his hired help. "I need a list of your employees," demands the agent, "as well as how much you pay them."

"Well," begins the rancher with a sigh, "one has been with me for four years, and the other for three. I pay them each $600 a week, plus free room and board. The cook has been here for 18 months, and I pay her $900 a month plus free room and board. Then there is the half-wit that works here about 18 hours a day. He takes home $10 a week and I buy him a bottle of rye about once a month."

"That is the guy I want to talk to," says the agent, "the half-wit."

Says the rancher: "That would be me."


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