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Wednesday, June 28

Simple as 2 plus 2

Worried about the cohesiveness of his business, the CEO decides to test his employees with a simple question: how much is 2+2?

The first person he encounters is his assistant. When he asks, she immediately answers: "Yes, sir. Do you want a detailed memo on that?" He shakes his head, he just wants an answer. "Well," she says, "I think it is 4."

Then he goes to the computer tech, who immediately enters the question into Excel. After five minutes the tech answers: "It is 4.00 E+0, but I am not sure. The support staff should come tomorrow. Do I ask them to check it?"

Then he goes to the accountant, who answers apologetically: "Well, well, I know I am late. I am sorry. I don't have all the data yet, and I haven't had time yet to check all the accounts. But I can estimate it now between 3.196 ... and ... let's say ... 5.659. But I will be able to give you a much more accurate estimate within two weeks."

Then he goes to the sales manager, who immediately comes up with: "So ... how much do you think it should make?" No, once again, the CEO just wants an answer. "Hmm," says the sales manager, "you don't want to tell me your price. You want me to make an offer. So, let's say ... 6! No, excuse me, you are not that kind of man, you know the market. I sell it to you for 5.25, and that is the price I would make for my best friend!"

Shaking his head a little (although he supposes it is maybe a good sign that he ended up buying for 5.25), the CEO heads to his lawyer -- whose first question is: "Right now?" The CEO nods. "Ah," hesitates the lawyer, "at first I would say 2, but I am convinced that with a good preparation, we can get 3!"

Finally, the CEO goes to the actuary, who answers without hesitation: "How much would you like it to be?"


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