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Thursday, June 15

A single wish

A programmer found a lamp along a beach. Of course he rubbed it, and instantly a genie appears who grants him a single wish: anything he wants, but only one. The programmer knows his wish at once. On his Blackberry, he pulls up a quick pocket global map and asks the genie: "I would like there to be a just and lasting peace among the people of the world."

The genie winces: "Gee, I don't know. Some of these people have been fighting since the beginning of time, while others ... I can do just about anything, but this is beyond my limits."

The programmer understands. "Well, then as my second choice, I work as a programmer for some very popular software. Many people use what I code. Many rely on it. Please, can you make all users satisfied with my software; and if they must ask for changes, let them ask for sensible changes?"


Then: "Uh, let me see that map again."


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