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Friday, July 28


... are names that are particularly suited to the person's occupation. They were particularly common in fiction dated Dickens and earlier, but the ones listed below are said to be real.
  • William Basson: bassoonist
  • Dr. Beever: veterinarian
  • Jason Blogger, on-line journalist
  • Captain Blood: chief medical officer at the British Guards Depot. His assistant was Lieutenant Butcher, and the dental officer was Major Savage.
  • Dr. Dick Bone: osteopath
  • Sir Russell Brain: English neurologist; not to be confused with Professor Martin Braine, a United States cognitive psychologist
  • James Bugg: exterminator
  • Mr. Carrion: United States federal meat inspector
  • Miss Cashdollar: treasurer of a grade school
  • Dr. Coffin: physician
  • Margaret Court and Anna Smashnova: tennis players
  • Thomas Crapper: maker of Victorian flush toilets
  • Jim Crook: penitentiary manager. His assistant is Susan Penwarden.
  • Roland Cruz: auto mechanic
  • Dr. Death: physician. (He pronounces it "Deeth".)
  • Dr. I. Doctor: ophthalmologist
  • Dan Druff: barber
  • Dr. Fearing: physician
  • Patricia Feral: animal rights activist
  • Ray Ferrie: ferryboat captain (retired)
  • Dr. Mishe Feinmesser: surgeon
  • Dr. Tom Fillar: dentist
  • Dr. Fingers: gynaecologist
  • Priscilla Flattery: Environmental Protection Agency publicist
  • Mr. Freeze: heating contractor
  • Reverend James R. God: Baptist minister
  • Reverend D. Goodenough: Methodist minister
  • George Hammer (father) and Pete Hammer (son): hardware store owners
  • Learned Hand: judge
  • Bill Headline: Washington DC bureau chief for CNN
  • Dr. Hertz: dentist
  • Mr. Hooker: bait shop owner
  • Professor Hoppe: expert on deformed frogs
  • Karl Krook: used car dealer
  • Chuck Long: former NFL quarterback
  • Gord Looker: optometrist
  • Dr. Metzger: orthopedic surgeon
  • C. Sharpe Minor: organist
  • U.S. Navey: member of the United States Marine Corps
  • E. Spencer Parsons: clergyman (dean of Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago)
  • Payne & Fears: a law firm representing employers in employment litigation
  • Jordan Plank: sawmill operator
  • Dr Pray: physician
  • Sally Ride: astronaut
  • Richard Seed: reproductive technology pioneer
  • Cardinal Jaime Sin: former head of the Catholic Church in the Philippines
  • Dr. Slaughter: oral surgeon
  • Tony Snow: Press Secretary, current White House administration
  • Dr. Sorrow: physician
  • Bruce Sparks: electrician
  • Larry Speakes: presidential spokesman under President Ronald Reagan
  • Lake Speed: NASCAR driver
  • Mr. Sues: lawyer
  • Willie Thrower: former NFL quarterback
  • Linda Toot: flutist
  • Dr. David Toothaker: dentist
  • John Tory: leader of the Ontario (Canada) Progressive Conservative Party
  • Professor John Wisdom: philosopher
  • Jared Wooley: sheep rancher
  • William Wordsworth: poet


Blogger MaryMoo said...

My fave = Dan Druff the barber!! Thanks for the smile!!! :P

4:36 PM  
Blogger smoo said...

Real life examples I have encountered:
Dr. Seymour - eye doc
Dr. Chuback - dentist

6:10 PM  
Blogger erin said...

I once visited an OBGYN named Dr. Manifold. You can't make this stuff up!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Mrs. B. Roth said...

My old Dentist .. Dr. Paine. What were my parents thinking?

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in the Boston Area we have Dr. Spitz, pres. of the Alpha Omega dental fraternity!

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Name of my old dentist was Dr. Hertzfeldt...for

9:21 PM  
Blogger Joyce said...

I like the Tony Snow one. A snowjob!

11:19 PM  

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