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Monday, July 10


This is traditionally said to be from an actual trial, variously in the United Kingdom or Australia. Never mind, it still makes a good story - T

A young woman, several months pregnant, boarded a bus. After a while she noticed a young man smiling at her, and she was starting to become embarrassed, and then humiliated. She changed her seat. The smile broadened. She moved again, and he seemed even more amused. She moved a fourth time, and the young man burst out laughing. Furious, she had him arrested.

When the case came before the court, the young man was asked to explain his actions. So he did.

"When the lady first boarded the bus, I couldn't help noticing that she was pregnant. She happened to sit under an advertisement which read COMING SOON: THE GOLDDUST TWINS. Then she moved under an advertisement which read LOGAN'S LINIMENT WILL REDUCE THE SWELLING. Then she moved to sit under a shaving advertisement which read WILLIAM'S STICK DID THE TRICK. But it was that fourth advertisement, your Honour. It read: DUNLOP RUBBER WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS ACCIDENT."

The case was dismissed.


Anonymous Hazel said...

WOW! What a great Blog!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

It's good to laugh!

10:06 PM  
Anonymous jewelerrebel said...

thats great.

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