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Sunday, July 2

Heaven on earth

A man decided to write a book about famous churches around the world. For his first book he decided to begin with the United States, and for his first chapter he bought an airplane ticket and went south to Key West, thinking that he would work his way across the country from south to north.

On his first day he was taking photographs inside a church when he happened to notice a golden telephone mounted on the wall. Beside it was a sign:

$10,000 per call

Intrigued, he asked a priest what the telephone was used for, and the priest replied that it was a direct line to heaven: for $10,000, you could talk directly to God. The writer thanked the priest and went on his way.

After that, at every single stop, he looked for the golden telephone, and sure enough he found it at every single church he stopped at, each time with the same sign beside it. He asked, and each time it was confirmed that yes, it was a direct line to heaven and for $10,000 he could talk directly to God.

Finally he arrives at the 49th parallel and wends his way northward to New York and Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine; and, although it is outside the scope of his book, he decides briefly to step over the border into Canada, maybe check out a church or two there.

Lo and behold, the Canadian churches have the same golden telephone ... but this time the sign under it reads:

25 cents per call

Surprised, he asks the priest about the sign, explaining how every other place he had seen the telephone and had been told its purpose, it had cost $10,000 to use it. "Why so cheap here?"

The priest smiles and answers, "You are in Canada now, son. It is a local call."


Anonymous Maria Stella said...


I would know....had Canadian bosses for over a year!


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