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Saturday, July 22

It's all happening at the zoo

The unemployed guy managed to wrangle out a gorilla job at the zoo ... a literal gorilla job. Basically, he was required to dress up in a gorilla suit and pretend to be a gorilla, so people would keep coming to the zoo.

On his first day he puts on the suit and goes into the cage, and pretends with great enthusiasm to be a gorilla. He really puts on a show, jumping around, beating his chest and roaring. During one acrobatic attempt though, he loses his balance and crashes through some safety netting ... and lands square in the middle of the lion cage! He lies there for a moment, stunned. The lion prowls slowly closer. Suddenly it roars: and now, terrified, the guy starts screaming "Help, Help!"

The lion races over to him, places his paws on the guy's chest, and hisses: "Shut up or we will both lose our jobs!"


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