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Sunday, July 23

Someone to watch over me

One day in the Garden of Eden, Eve called out to God: "Lord, I know you have created me and have provided this beautiful garden and all of these wonderful animals, but I am still so lonely."

God replied: "I have a solution for you, Eve. I shall create a man to keep you company."

"What is a 'man', Lord?"

God explained: "A man is a flawed creature with aggressive tendencies, an enormous ego, a highly exaggerated sense of every personal injury and sickness, and an inability (some might say refusal) to empathise or listen. All in all, he will make life more difficult, but , he will be bigger and more muscular than you, and therefore able to help out around the garden (curmudgeonly) if you ever manage to get him to see what unpaid work is needed. He will be really good at fighting and kicking a ball around, and he will enjoy hunting fleet-footed ruminants."

"Okay," concedes Eve reluctantly, "if that is the best you can do."

"Well, he will be better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick! Now, you can only have him under one condition."

"What is it, Lord?"

"You must let him believe that I created him first."


Blogger Haemo Royd said...

Bravo! I liked your blog, compliments.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I heard this one God had another line at the end:

"It'll be a secret between us girls."

4:09 PM  
Blogger Ancient Clown said...

Great tag to a great gag. It makes me think of Mark Twain's short stories; "The Diaries of Adam & Eve." Very funny. I'd like to link to you if you don't mind, as I agree with you 100%...everybody NEEDS a SMILE.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

9:38 PM  

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