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Sunday, August 20

Dearly departed

During Jim's vacation, while he and his family were visiting Jerusalem, Jim's mother-in-law died. Death certificate in hand, Jim went to the American consulate to send the body back to the United States to be buried. The consulate warns Jim that sending a body across countries is very, very expensive, running well into the thousands of dollars. Most people, he tells Jim, choose to have the person buried in the country where they had died.

Jim considers, then replies that he doesn't care how much it costs, he wants to have the body sent back.

The consul nods sympathetically: "You must have loved your mother-in-law very much."

"No," says Jim, "it is not a price thing at all. You see, I know the story of a person who had been buried here in Jerusalem many years ago. On the third day he arose from the dead, and I just can't take that chance ..."


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