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Wednesday, August 2

Top 10 reasons the weather satellite picture is not working

10. During the heavy rainstorms, water got into the satellite.
9. During the rainstorms, water got into the satellite receiver.
8. So much rain fell during the storms, the planet shifted.
7. The picture is fine. It is the planet that is messed up.
6. The high winds are blowing the clouds REALLY REALLY HARD.
5. It has finally happened (but oddly enough, not to California): this end of the coast has fallen into the ocean.
4. California politics have shifted to the centre (of the country).
3. The peso has fallen so low that it sank Mexico.
2. When it began flooding, the satellite ended up being washed. Now the satellite is on "spin cycle".
1. The satellite has to spin all the time in order to make the picture, and it is dizzy.


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