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Friday, August 11

Working at McDonald's!

- Courtesy of Dr Nick:

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Work as a McDonald's manager & you'll get treated better than a junior doctor in NHS (or at least have more work benefits!).

I've made a comparison between a McDonald's Operations Manager & a year 2 Senior House Officer, just to prove my point. Both jobs are realistically achievable a few years after graduation.

Annual Salary
McDonald's: £35K- £55K
NHS Doctor: £39K- £55K (Banding 2B)

Hours Worked per Week
McDonald's: 43-45 hours
NHS Doctor: 48-56 hours (theoretically!!)

Annual Leave
McDonald's: 6 weeks
NHS Doctor: 5 weeks

Life Insurance
McDonald's: Full cover provided
NHS Doctor: Don't be silly now!

Annual Bonus
McDonald's: Performance-related bonus
NHS Doctor: £5 Christmas voucher at hospital canteen

Company Car
McDonald's: Car provided or cash alternative
NHS Doctor: Ha Ha!

Private Health Care
McDonald's: Covers yourself, spouse and children
NHS Doctor: Nil but at least you can have your colleagues prod you!

Home Telephone Bills
McDonald's: Monthly charge paid & 50% of all calls
NHS Doctor: Continue dreaming!

McDonald's: Free McDonald's food
NHS Doctor: Hey, you get 10% off in the canteen!

Don't believe this? Visit the McDonald's site for yourself.


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