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Monday, September 11

Choose your own hell

An airplane pilot dies, and is sent to hell. The devil takes him to the 'newly arrived' area and asks him to wait just a little, the pilot is to choose his own hell, but first the devil has to take care of something else.

While the devil is gone, the curious pilot begins examining the waiting area and discovers doors marked 1, 2, and 3. He opens door number one, and sees a pilot going through flight checks for all eternity. He opens door number two, and sees a pilot that forever finds himself trying to resolve emergency situations. Then he opens the last door, and sees a flight captain being waited on hand and foot by scantily-clad stewardesses.

The devil returns just as the pilot gets back to his waiting position. He offers the pilot a choice of door number one or two. The pilot objects: "I wanted door number three!"

"Sorry," replies the devil, "that is 'flight attendants' hell'."


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What a cool idea for a blog! It's like a daily dose of laughter. Nice ones...keep updating!

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