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Saturday, September 2

I don't get no respect

From Rodney Dangerfield's on-line joke archive:

  • I joined Gamblers Anonymous. They give me 2 to 1 I don't make it.
  • I told my landlord I want to live in a more expensive apartment. He raised the rent!
  • I tell you, I never had any luck with girls. I took out a Mexican girl, it took me two years I taught her how to speak English. The first words she spoke were, "I'm leaving you."
  • My doctor told me he'd have me on my feet in two weeks. He was right. I got his bill; I had to sell my car.
  • When I was a kid I got no respect. My old man took me to the zoo. He told me to go over to the leopard and play connect the dots.
  • I was crossing the street. I got hit by a mobile library. I was lying there in pain, screaming. The guy looked at me. He went, "Shhh."


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