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Saturday, September 9

A meeting in hell

The devil was holding a staff meeting. "Well, you poor, useless lot of sissies," he began, "there is far too much good in the world. You are all a waste of space. You make me sick! You are supposed to be making man's life a misery, and instead you waste your time playing silly games!" They stare at him, speechless, until he screams in their faces: "So what are you going to do about it??!?"

"Uh, sir," meekly piped up the low imp on the pole, the one who had lost the toss. "O great lord of the darkness? I know I am not among the powerful ones, but could I make a suggestion? It seems to me that if we could build them up and then knock them down, the pain would be so great that we would soon gain complete control."

A more experienced demon asked, "You mean golf?"

The devil quickly interrupts: "Steady on, old man, we don't want to finish them off that quick."


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