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Monday, January 22

Employee fitness programme

Jack had just started with a new boss. He enjoyed everything about his new job except the fact that there was no corporate fitness program. His old work had included corporate gym sponsorship, showers, time-off for exercise, etc, so he initiated a workplace campaign to start a similar program with his new employer. The campaign was cut short by a memo from senior management:

To: All Staff. From: Senior Management Re: Employee Fitness Program

There will be no corporate fitness programme as all staff that work here already get plenty of exercise:

1) Jumping to conclusions.
2) Flying off the handle.
3) Carrying things too far.
4) Dodging responsibilities and
5) Pushing their luck.


Blogger the shrewness said...

i hope you dont mind me borrowing this for my blog...

i just love stopping by here for a good laugh!

thank you.

10:30 PM  

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