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Life is getting much too serious, yes? Who doesn't need a daily smile?

Sunday, January 21

A Sunday drive

A group of nuns are driving down a highway, people passing them left and right, honking horns and making rude gestures at them. Finally a police car shows up, lights flashing, and of course the nuns pull over immediately. The policeman walks up to the car and asks the nun who was driving for the standard information. He then informs her: "You know the minimum spped on this road is 45 miles per hour."

The nun is taken aback: "Er -- the sign back there said 30."

The policeman turns around, sees the sign, and says with a laugh: "Ma'am, that is the route you are on." (D'oh!) But the policeman also notices that the other nuns seem to be shaken up. Concerned, he asks if everyone is okay.

"Oh, they will be fine," says the nun. "We just came off of route 120, that's all."


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