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Tuesday, January 30

The survey survey

This is a voluntary survey for research on how people take surveys. Please answer all questions by circling the letter of the most accurate answer with a pen.

1. Do you like taking surveys?
a. Never
b. Sometimes
c. Just the cool ones
d. Always
e. Undecided

2. When you receive a survey in the mail, what do you usually do?
a. Answer it and send it in
b. Throw it away
c. Don't answer it and send it in
d. Answer "undecided" to all the questions and send it in
e. Undecided

3. If your desired response is not listed below the question, what do you do about it?
a. Choose a random answer
b. Eat a carrot
c. Swear obscenely
d. Kick your dog
e. Answer 'a'

4. Do you ever feel you have to skip insulting questions?
a. Always, because they hurt my feelings.
b. Never, because I have no feelings. I am a psychopath.

5. Do you ever answer 'undecided?'
a. To every question
b. Only to 'gender'
c. When above your questions make no sense
d. If the survey writer needs a clue
e. Undecided

6. How often do you take surveys?
a. I avoid them at all costs
b. If I absolutely must
c. Always
d. When I recieve one in the mail
e. Undecided

7. If two responses are both true, what do you do?
a. Circle the one which is most correct
b. Circle the one which is least correct
c. Put a circle around the most accurate answer
d. Answer undecided
e. Undecided

8. What are you answering this survey with?
a. Pencil
b. Other (Next question on back)
c. Both
d. Pen
e. Undecided

9. Why do you never scribble out mistakes?
a. Because I know how pissed off it makes you guys
b. Because I know the question will not count


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