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Wednesday, January 10

Through a fog, thickly

A small vessel is approaching the Weser river delta from the North Sea. The fog is so dense that the captain sends a deckhand to the bow and reduces speed to dead slow ahead. "Can you see anything?" shouts the captain.

"Not a thing!" is the answer from the bow.

So the captain keeps the ship moving ahead at its lowest speed, every so often asking: "Still nothing in sight?" and always the answer: "Nothing at all!"

Until suddenly comes the change: "Oh, now there seems to be something almost ahead, just a bit to starboard."

"Well, and what is it?"

"I can't tell. It is just a shadow. I can't make out more until we close in."

Cautiously the captain decreases the distance to that object: "Can you see it now?"

"Not really -- wait, yes, it looks like a buoy?"

"What type of buoy?"

"I can't tell." And again the captain cautiously nudges his ship closer, and closer -- "Wait, I think I can make it out now. It -- it --"

And the ship shudders as she hits ground. "Oh yes," exclaims the deckhand, "now I can see it! It's a shallow water warning!"


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