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Wednesday, January 31

True courtroom story

A lawyer who, having admitted the witness's credentials as an identification officer, had no real reason to cross-examine the witness -- but decided to have a little fun anyway. Turns out that a few weeks earlier the lawyer had attended an evening of entertainment presented by that police force's male choir, and that in one of the skits the identification officer had worn a wedding dress.

Came the cross-examination:

Lawyer: Officer, I understand you're a member of the Ottawa Police Force.
Witness: Yes sir, I am.
Lawyer: And either in that capacity, or in any other capacity, have you ever had occasion to wear a dress?
Witness: Pardon?
Lawyer: Have you ever had occasion to wear a dress?
Witness: Yes, sir, I have.
Lawyer: Okay. I have no further questions.

The poor witness was not able to explain for several minutes for all the laughter.


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