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Sunday, April 8

Sit! Stay!

A woman drags a wet rabbit into a veterinarian's office. "Sit, Fluffy," she says, but the squirming rabbit obviously does not want to be there. "I said sit, now there's a good Fluffy." But the sopping wet rabbit jumps up on laps, shaking itself, kicking wet dust into everyone's face, and generally makes an utter nuisance of itself.

"Darn it, Fluffy, will you be good!?"

But the rabbit immediately picks a fight with the neighbouring Doberman and chases it right out of the office. As the embarrassed woman gets up to go after it, she apologetically explains:

"Pardon me. I have just washed my hare, and I can't do a thing with it!"

Bonus: Easter bunny Pong!


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