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Tuesday, April 17

Top ln(e^10) reasons why e is better than pi

  • e is easier to spell than pi.
  • pi ~= 3.14 while e ~=2.718281828459045.
  • The character for e can be found on a keyboard, but pi sure can't.
  • Everybody fights for their piece of the pi.
  • ln(pi^1) is a really nasty number, but ln(e^1) = 1.
  • e is used in calculus while pi is used in baby geometry.
  • 'e' is the most commonly picked vowel in Wheel of Fortune.
  • e stands for Euler's Number, pi doesn't stand for squat.
  • You don't need to know Greek to be able to use e.
  • You can't confuse e with a food product.


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