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Sunday, April 8

The true meaning of Easter

Assigned to a new church, a minister decides to find out how seriously the members of the congregation take Easter, so he asks different people what is the meaning of Easter.

The first tells him that Easter is when a giant rabbit brings candy for children.

The second explains how during Easter, all the children colour eggs, and then the adults hide the Easter eggs and let the children participate in an egg hunt.

A bit desperate now, the minister seeks out the woman who has been praying quietly in a corner: and she does in fact describe how Jesus Christ carried the cross and then was crucified, and then how his body was placed in a cave whose mouth was covered by a great rock. And then she described how, on that first Easter Sunday, the boulder had rolled magically away from the cave, Jesus was resurrected ... and stepped out of the cave and saw his shadow, and so he knew that there would be six more weeks of winter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real meaning of Easter is something we should not be celebrating. It is the worship of Saxon goddess Eastre. (Jeremiah 7:18 & 44) Also, it was observed by Pagan King Herod not by any Christian. (Acts 12:4)

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