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Tuesday, May 15

For love of sarsaparilla

Two large turtles and a little one went to a bar to quench their thirst with a mug of sarsaparilla. As they began to drink it, one of the large turtles commented that it was raining. After a lively discussion, they decided that the little turtle should go home for their umbrella. The little turtle demurred, afraid that if he went the big turtles would drink his sarsaparilla. But they convinced the little fellow they would leave his sarsaparilla alone, and he started after the umbrella.

Three weeks passed, and finally one of the big turtles said: "Let's drink the little guy's sarsaparilla."

"I have been thinking the same think," said the other.

From down at the end of the bar near the door, a shrill voice cried: "If you do, I won't go after that umbrella!"


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