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Tuesday, May 29

The patients

A billionaire nobleman has come to a hospital to hand out bequests. A nurse shows him around He talks to each patient individually, and then writes out cheques as needed.

Lord Riche: And what is wrong with you?
Patient 1: I need a new kidney.

So Lord Riche writes out a million dollar cheque.

Lord Riche: And what is wrong with you?
Patient 2: I need a new lung.

So Lord Riche writes another cheque out for a million. Then the nurse tells him that there is one last patient the hospital wanted him to see. She takes him to a single room, far from the other patients.

Lord Riche: Well?
Nurse: He is on the pillow.

So Lord Riche goes over to the bed -- and there, on the pillow, lies a single small white tooth. Lord Riche is appalled.

Lord Riche: Is that ... I mean ... that is all that is left of him?
Nurse: Yes. And it gets worse.
Lord Riche: Worse! He is just a tooth. How could it get any worse?
Nurse: He needs to be taken out tomorrow.


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