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Sunday, December 2

Painting the church

A preacher and his flock at a very poor church in the hills of Tennessee took up collections, baked cakes, and washed cars for months to get enough money to buy paint for the church exterior which was bare and weatherbeaten. Finally they had enough money. So they bought the paint and all joined together on a Saturday morning to do the job.

When they were about half finished, however, they realised unhappily that they were going to run out of paint before finishing. Thinking quickly, the preacher told them, "It is a water-based paint, just thin it down with water."

So they continued painting and thinning until the color started losing its depth. By the time they were finally finished, it was dark green at the top, light green in the middle and so very light green at the bottom, it was almost white. Still, they were done. They were admiring their work when a dark cloud suddenly appeared -- and the heavens opened up with a deluge of rain which washed all of the newly-applied paint off the church. The congregation was stunned, the preacher very nearly in tears, at all the hard work they had just done for nothing.

Came a huge flash of lightning and a crash of thunder; and then a voice rang out from the heavens:



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