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Life is getting much too serious, yes? Who doesn't need a daily smile?

Tuesday, June 10

The perfect moment

He had anticipated the celebrity cruise for a long time, and now he was having the time of his life ... right up until the ship slammed into a reef and began to sink. With his last ounce of his strength, he manages to grab onto a loose board, and in time the waves carry him to a distant island. At first he thinks he is utterly alone, but then the waves wash up an unconscious woman. Making his way over to her, he gives her the kiss of life, and in time he manages to get her breathing on her own again. As she slowly regains consciousness, she opens her eyes and smiles -- and he suddenly recognises her as Cindy Crawford!

Days go by. They've set up a hut, there's fruit on the tree. In short, they're in heaven. One day, however, she notices he is looking a bit glum. She worries: what is the matter? was there something wrong? was there anything she could do?

"Actually, Cindy, there is." He thinks for a bit. "Would you mind putting on my shirt?"

"Sure, if it will help." And he takes off his shirt and she puts it on.

"Now, could you put my pants on?"

"Sure, honey, if it makes you feel better." And he takes off his pants and she puts them on.

"Now, would you put on my hat, and draw a little mustache on your face?"

"Whatever you want, sweetie!" And she does just that.

"Now, could you start walking around the edge of the island?"

And so she starts off for the perimeter, and he sets off in the other direction. They meet up halfway around the island a few minutes later. He rushes up to her, grabs her by the shoulders, and exclaims, "Dude! You'll never believe who I am sleeping with!"


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