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Monday, July 7

A bargain

While on vacation in bayou Louisiana, an Army Ranger thought he might like to buy a pair of genuine alligator shoes, but the prices were high and the vendors refused to haggle. "All right," he said finally, "maybe I will just go out and get my own alligator and get my shoes that way."

"Go ahead," said the vendor. "Maybe you will run into a pair of Marines who were in here earlier, saying the same thing."

So he headed into the bayou that same day. A few hours later he came upon two men standing waist-deep in the water, who, he thought, would have to be the Marines that guy in town was talking about.

Just then, a tremendously long gator started swimming rapidly underwater toward one of the Marines -- but just as it was about to attack, the Marine caught it by its jaws and the other Marine by its tail, and just that quickly they had wrestled it on solid land and onto its back. "Dang," says the front Marine, "this one doesn't have any shoes either!"


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