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Thursday, October 9

British hospitality

The American tourist was wandering through London's West End, full of stately residences and squares full of locked private gardens ... but no public washrooms. He was bursting to go, and finally he found an alleyway where he thought he would be out of sight -- but just as he was unzipping, a hand tapped him on the shoulder, and the policeman says, "You are about to commit a public nuisance. Come with me."

The policeman leads the American to a gate in a particularly high wall, which he unlocks. "Anywhere in there, sir."

The American peeps in, and he can't believe his eyes! Manicured lawns, statuary fountains, scultured hedges, huge beds full of gorgeous flowers. After quickly doing his business, the tourist returns to the gate: "Really kind of you. Is that what you call British hospitality?"

"No, sir. That is what we call the French embassy."


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