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Sunday, October 12

A different perspective

A priest, a psychologist, and an economist are playing a round of golf when they get stuck behind an extremely slow twosome who are taking what seems like all day to line up their shots and four-putting every green. By the eighth hole, even the priest is saying, "Holy Mary, I pray that they should take some lessons before they play again. The psychologist swears that there are people who must like to play golf as slowly as possible. And the economist is getting impatient, since he really had not expected to spend so much time out on his lunch break.

By the ninth hole they have had it, so the psychologist goes to the twosome's caddy and demands that they be allowed to play through. The caddy agrees willingly, explaining that the two are retired firefighters who had lost their eyesight while saving people in a fire.

When the priest learns this, he is mortified. "Here I am, a man of the cloth, and I have been swearing at the slow play of two blind men." The psychologist is also mortified: "Here I am, a man trained to help others see past their handicaps, and I can't do so myself."

But the economist goes back to the caddy: "Listen, couldn't they continue their game at night?"


Anonymous Alex said...

I've been enjoying your posts over years. At the moment i work on my own homepage and i'd like to translate some of your posts into german and put them on there. Just wanted to know, if that is ok with you. I'd also like to put a link to your blog on there.

Yours with a smile,
Alex (

11:54 AM  
Blogger Tenebris said...

Glad you are enjoying them. :)

Feel free to translate or link or use as you wish. By all means spread the laughter! Unless I specifically attributed, these are all in oral lore - open domain - usually with some style editing by me.

9:31 PM  

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